Broken Lawn Mower Blues

May 27, 2011

Today’s special:  A meatball sub with an ear of fresh sweet corn.

George the produce man brought us a crate of sweet corn today, as well as many other things:  red and green and yellow and orange bell peppers, spinach and romaine and iceburg lettuce, tomatos that are that very particular red-orange color of real garden tomatoes,  radishes and cucumbers and carrots and broccoli and cauliflower and oranges and lemons and limes.  So much color.  Suddenly the produce case is bursting and gorgeous and it looks like summer.

I’m not quite there yet, within myself –maybe because the weather is still cold–but I’m trying to get into the right frame of mind.  To this end I hauled the lawn mower out of the garage the other day.  Today I finally remembered to bring the gas can from home, and tonight with maybe a little too much smugness, a certainty that I would be somehow rewarded for diligence and determination,  I topped off the gas tank, pulled out the choke, depressed the handle, pulled the starter cord with confidence and gusto, and–nothing.  Nothing, nothing, nothing.

Jenna came out and had better luck than me, but pretty soon the engine fizzled and died.  Rick came out and did everything we had done, pulled harder than we could pull, and got the same result.  “Flooded,” he said, and pushed it away to the edge of the garden, where it will sit until tomorrow and then, maybe, miraculously, it will feel like starting.  That’s pretty much how we fix mechanical things.

So now I’m sitting at one of the back tables pouting.  I just wanted to mow my lawn, that’s all.  Was that so much to ask?  I can’t believe how miffed I am about this.   I don’t accept changes of plans easily, is the truth.  Even though life seems to be one endless change of plans, pretty much, I still kick against the fact.

I read that over and I think, How silly.  Then Rick asks if I want to take a drive around town with him and I think, Okay!, and the lawn mower abandoned by the clump of tulips in the shaggy lawn is pretty much forgotten.

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5 Responses to “Broken Lawn Mower Blues”

  1. Pamela Grath

    I guess it isn’t really as uncanny as it seems, this being the time of year it is, but I had just about the same experience last night. Never can pull hard enough to start the gas mower, and by the time David got to it and it wouldn’t start, I sheepishly allowed as how I had probably flooded it with my attempts. Unlike you, I did not get taken out for a ride, however, as we have an electric mower. I got the front and half the side yard mowed and woke this morning from a gardening dream.

  2. ellenair

    A good gardening dream, I hope… I woke up from a dream that I had decided to go for a walk with my cat and the mower and got lost in a city where there was a lot of traffic. I did not just make this up.

  3. Jesse Haines

    Fourteen years ago, after a long night of working, you and Rick drove me home. I was contemplating how life, work, and the people you meet changes you as you grow and I was worried because I liked who I was and didn’t want to change. And you told me “You know, you never really change…people say you do, but you don’t.” That phrase stuck with me, comforting me, for a long time, assuring me I wouldn’t suddenly wake up to find myself completely different than I was the day before. I’ve been studying for more Board exams lately and had been thinking about how much time I’ve spent studying, wondering if I’d become a pharmacology computer, letting go of everything else that made me who I was and after thinking, I decided that no, it hadn’t at all. Then, last night, I dreamt we were working in the diner early in the morning and I came around the corner and you looked up and said “See, Jess? I told you so.” Then I woke up. Even though I think you were talking about cole slaw in the dream, I can’t help but think back to what you said in the Jeep that night.

  4. ellenair

    Gosh, Jess, you’ve given me a lot to think about. In a way, I still think that people don’t change. Your core self–that seems like a rock solid thing. But people can change, if they want to, and do change sometimes even when they didn’t mean to… Hmm. I liked your post.

  5. Michael Foley

    A meatball sub with an ear of corn sounds awfully good. Anyway, great post!

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