Worn out but not unhappy blues

May 17, 2011

11:15 p.m.

Today’s Specials: a Farmer’s Omelette and a Prime Rib French Dip.

The days are getting longer and busier.  Even when there are no customers I don’t find time to sit down any more.  Yesterday in between tables I made Cole slaw and soup (chicken, rice, and veggies) and cookies and bread.  Did the dishes, cleaned the bathrooms, swept the floors, etc.  Came home very worn out (but quite happy) and didn’t write anything, as I’d meant to.  Today was the same, or nearly.  Made blueberry-blackberry pie with crumble top.  Made two kinds of cookie batter (monster and lemon).   Baked bread.  Did dishes.  Cleaned bathrooms.  Waited on tables, visited with people, handed out SOUTH OF SUPERIOR postcards, did dishes again.  Didn’t get the floors swept, but oh well.

The worst part of the day:  April the cat ran away from home this morning. She never does this.  She is smart and can be depended upon to come running with five minutes or so of me calling, Kittykittykitty. She is a house cat, but we do let her outside quite often as she loves it so and is so trustworthy.  Or she was so trustworthy and we did let her outside to play.   April is a Tonkinese we adopted from the Humane Society a few years ago and she is  brawny, smart, and friendly.  When I met her she had only recently been let out of the quarantine wing because she’d had a flu that she wasn’t expected to recover from.  But she bumped her head against my hand when I patted her, and when let out of her cage, she went up to all the other cages and mewed in a friendly way to the cats inside.   That one, I said, despite the fact that she was frail and thin and possibly still going to succumb to that flu.  That’s the one I want.

The best part of the day:  Rick found April after I’d been looking and calling for half an hour (and I said in all earnestness, My hero! when he came walking back to the cabin with a squirming April in his arms).  He found her trotting purposefully through the woods to the north, already an eighth of a mile away.  By tonight she’d have probably been a quick snack for a coyote or  a pine marten.  So the worst part of the day turned into the best  and all day I’ve been thinking about that.  Is the good better because it was almost very bad?  Probably.

Right now April is taking a very vigorous bath on top of the ottoman next to my chair, and tonight this makes me happier than ever because I almost lost her. I look at her goopily and she seems to roll her eyes at my sentimentality and melodrama and jumps off the ottoman and trots off in search of less fraught corners of the house.  I gaze after her adoringly.

Favorite quote of the day:  If this was any better it’d be illegal.   (in reference to the blueberry blackberry pie still warm from the oven).

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10 Responses to “Worn out but not unhappy blues”

  1. Pamela Grath

    Your lost-and-found cat story strikes a chord in my heart, Ellen. So glad April is home! Wish I could stop by today for a slice of that pie and to waste a little more of your precious time. Ha!

  2. ellenair

    Pamela, seeing you would never be a waste of time! Please come immediately. Making another pie is high on my list of things to do today!

  3. Gerry

    Wait, wait–there’s going to be another one? You make pie all the time?

    All longing aside, I’m glad Rick found April and persuaded her to come back to where she belongs. I grow miserable with worry when one of my miscreants goes walkabout, even though I understand the impulse. Probably one day one or another of us will be eaten by a coyote and that will be that.

  4. ellenair

    Gerry–you have introduced an alarming new possibility, in re. who will get eaten by a coyote. Yikes. Something to think about! : ) And yep, there is pie (almost) all the time. Imagine trying NOT to have a piece every single day…

  5. david

    Hi, Ellen — just back from a whirlwind road trip which culminated in two great days in Grand Marais, including two fine meals at the diner (I was the big unshaven fleece-clad bookworm by the window — chicken fajita on Tuesday, whitefish on Wednesday). It was my second time in G.M. but my first at the diner. Everything was wonderful.

    Just wanted to say thanks again and looking forward to reading the book! Best of luck to you!



  6. Melinda Frydel Lansing Mi

    Ellen, I know all too well how you felt about your missing cat. February 21, 2011 I had to have my 14 year old bestest friend “Mouse” put to sleep due to a stroke. Not a day goes by that i don’t look at his picture and think of him. And we also still
    have “Mickey” who is a house cat that goes out frequently, much to the irritation of the crazy neighbor lady, but he usually comes in when called. Love your blogs!!

  7. ellenair

    Thank you, Melinda. Curious now about the crazy neighbor lady…

  8. ellenair

    Hey, David! I remember the book and the fajita and the fish, but didn’t notice the unshaven bit! Thanks for checking into the block, and thank you for your good wishes.

  9. Jan Wilberg

    We had a cat who had to learn to be an outdoor cat after years of pampering on the couch. He’d disappear for days and come back a little rough looking but very content — different proposition wandering the east side of Milwaukee than the woods of Grand Marais. Glad April let herself be found.

  10. ellenair

    Me too!!!

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