Minutes and minutes, plenty of time

July 10, 2011

10:52 a.m.

Today’s Special:  Don’t know yet.  Opening is minutes and minutes away.  Plenty of time to figure it out.

Just writing to say, No time to write.  Summertime.  Only time to work.

Summer in a tourist town is its own beast.   Good and bad, mostly good, but hard.  Tired all the time now, but not unhappy.   Ache all over, all the time–shoulders and hands the worst.  Feel like I’ve been in a little car wreck.  Not major, no fatalities, but a little whiplash, some bruises.  Nothing to do about this.  Pizzas to make, ice cream to dip, trucks to unload, tables to wait, dishes to wash, etc.

It’s what Lief told me, back in the woods in Washington state:  If you fight with the forest, the forest will win. Just accept it.   It’s better that way.

None of this a complaint.  I love what I do.  Getting a little too old to do it at this pace, but will deal with that another day.   Right now it’s time to get the pies built.  Early this morning I walked slowly around town with Sallie, probably looking relaxed and lazy, and really just too drained to do anything more lively than amble.  The hot sun felt good on my sore shoulders.  I smelled wild roses and fresh cut grass.  Heard wind chimes and dogs barking.  Smiled hello to people.  Ambled home.  And now time to flip the energy switch to high and go.

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  1. bekahjane

    “Heard wind chimes and dogs barking.  Smiled hello to people.  Ambled home . . . ” nice! Indeed, quite lovely.

  2. Pamela Grath

    Ah, the car wreck feeling! You describe it so well, Ellen. I’m praying that UPS comes early today with more copies of SOUTH OF SUPERIOR, as I had to tell someone yesterday that I had NONE LEFT but expected delivery today.

    Must admit I talked David into an expedition to the beach last night. Two dips in Lake Michigan and I feel refreshed and ready to face another day. Onward and upward, my friend!

  3. ellenair

    Thank you for this kind compliment!

  4. ellenair

    Pamela, This is good news! And, oh, the healing properties of water, especially big water.

  5. Karen Casebeer

    I loved your quote about not fighting the forest, as it will win. It sounds like you are dog-tired right now. I admire you small tourist town folks who have to go full tilt for 6 weeks of the summer. Hope you have something left after that!

    On a brighter note, in yesterday’s paper, South of Superior was #1 on the Up North bestseller list. What good news that is…and so deserving.

  6. ellenair

    Thank you Karen!

  7. Karen Casebeer

    Ellen…I heard your interview with Linda Werthheimer yesterday, and you did great! How exciting that your book is being received well not only in the North Country, but also at the national level…and deservedly so. Karen

  8. ellenair

    Karen, Thank you!

  9. Mary Nelson

    Just finished South of Superior and enjoyed it very much. I grew up in Duluth, MN, which must be the reason I thought your references on NPR were about “our” Grand Marais–also a unique and beautiful Superior small town full of hardy and sometimes colorful folks. Hope I get to visit “your” Grand Marais one day.

  10. Sheryl Bellah

    I read your blog today, after finishing “South of Superior” a few days ago.

    I must have opened at least 10 new windows on my computer while reading your blog, looking up things you made reference to.

    That’s part of what I love about reading, being able to make notes and then being able to Google them!

    I enjoy and look forward to more of your writing, Congratulations on SOS and your new teen-oriented book.

  11. ellenair

    Sheryl, thank you!

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