Good Things…

August 18th, 8:27 a.m.

Not going to try and write full sentences.  Nothing flashy.  Just a note.  Still trying to capture the good things and write them down.  Is that a mistake?  Doesn’t seem like it could be.

Anyway, good things:

Spending half an hour with a cup of coffee and a notebook in the Island Bookstore in Mackinac City yesterday, on a product run for the diner.  The store was busy.  Weird to be a customer and not a worker in the midst of all that.  Started writing down thoughts I’d been having as a I drove about a new novel.  Abruptly realized I had to get going.  Closed my notebook and shifted in my chair and a woman with her grandson (I guessed) who’d joined me at the table apologized for disturbing me.  I gaped at her for a moment and then smiled.  No, no, I assured her, you didn’t disturb me at all.  I hadn’t really even noticed them, and they were all of eighteen inches away.   The boy  was blond and had a sweet smile.  He was playing with a toy the store had left on the table.  It looked fun.  Little blue plastic cars in a tray.  I grinned at him and he grinned back.

Sitting on the waterfront in St. Ignace eating a sub sandwich from Doud’s Market (Michigan’s oldest grocery I think).  Water, seagulls, ferry boats, weathered boardwalk railings, blue sky, and more thoughts about that novel.

Putting together a gift basket (well, box.  Nehi orange soda box, to be exact) for Patience and Ryan’s wedding this weekend.   Not saying what’s in it in case you are reading this, Patience dear!  Patience worked for us the last two summers and now she and Ryan are getting married in Wisconsin this weekend, and I’m sad we can’t go, but we just can’t, so instead am concentrating on being happy about being there in spirit.

Talking to my sister on the phone (cell phone!  As I drove!  Very bad.  But the only time I can talk on the phone.  Is this illegal?  Hope not.)

The diner all clean and neat and smelling of homemade waffle cones last night when I got back from my day of long driving.  Sometimes after day and night of hectic, overwhelming, can’t-keep-upness, after always a big mess and endless stress, (you wouldn’t think that a little diner in a little town in the middle of nowhere could be traumatic, but it can be) I think, A bomb.  A bomb is the only thing that could solve this.  But coming in last night to beautiful order I think instead, I love this place.

Putting the new book order away.  The shelves are full and look so bookstorish in their miniature way.  There are lots of Michigan mysteries all lined up waiting to keep someone on the edge of their seat:  Joseph Heywood, Aaron Stander, William Kent Krueger, Steve Hamilotn, Nevada Barr.  Agate books galore.  Bird books, photo books, novels, nonfiction…  I am in my element in this aisle.  (Okay, hallway).

A double latte in my sage green and cream mug from Jenna.

Four handwritten letters in the mail from readers.  So amazing.

A morning at home before my trip yesterday, even though the crockery utensil jug jumped off the shelf above the stove dragging the green mason sugar jar with it and knocking my almost cooked Amish farm eggs and the skillet they were almost cooked in to the floor, along with two pounds of sugar and broken green glass and every utensil we own.

Two sandhill cranes along the road near the swamp north of Trout Lake.

Cat tails.  Sunshine.  Ravens.

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4 Responses to “Good Things…”

  1. Lori J. Acre

    New novel! Yay! Is it too early to say I can hardly wait to read it? ;o)

  2. Dawn

    These are all wonderful. And it’s never a mistake to keep track of the good things in our lives. We miss so many of them by moving too fast. However. Driving while on the cell? Now THAT’s a mistake! Please be careful, and maybe consider pulling over for that conversation?

  3. Donna Dobihal Smith

    Please, girlfriend, stay off the phone while driving. It increases the chance of an accident by 70%!!! (thought three exclamation marks would not be over the top considering that statistic.)

    Or get blue tooth. :-)

  4. ellenair

    okay! Did not call sister on last product run. Being good. You’re right. She says the same thing.

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