Book Tour, Part Two

Today’s Special:  Farmer’s Omelette with homemade toast.

Yep, the bagels are gone already.  I had a garlic with jalapeno cream cheese at home this morning, sitting out on my deck.  I was cold but happy.

Our front deck, a good place to eat a garlic bagel, even when it's almost November in the U.P.

Rick was busy planting a yellow birch tree just around the corner.

The new yellow birch tree, headed for the big hole Rick dug for it.

Sallie was busy being a happy dog, as usual.

Sallie, busy and happy with her own dog business, not looking at the camera.

Sallie still not looking at the camera.

Sallie really not looking at the camera at all.

Sallie thinking, "Would you please stop saying 'Sallie, Sallie,' because I am busy smelling things here and even though I'm really fond of you, you're annoying me.

As I munched my bagel, I was thinking about writing this post.

The second stop on my recent book tour was in Flint, at the Barnes and Noble at the Genesse Valley Mall on Miller Road.  My sister was kind enough to drive me there (please remember that in all of Alger County, where Rick and I work, there is only one stoplight, and it’s sixty miles away.   Not a lot of traffic or freeways or on/off ramps, either).  On the way there we stopped in Fenton, at Fenton’s Open Book, to say hello.  I liked the banner they had hanging on the wall.

Please support any and all bricks and mortar (and in this case, actual bricks and actual mortar, how cool is that) bookstores, everyone! More on this another time.

Not much later, we were at the mall.

The Barnes and Noble in Flint, Michigan.

I don’t know for sure if the Flint B&N was prepared for the Airgoods’ family reunion to be held in the front of the store, but they we were!  It was great.  Thank you Barnes and Noble and Katie Hugelier for such a warm, gracious welcome.  I had such a good time.  I love my family, even though I don’t know a lot of them very well at all.  They’re loyal and dear and a lot of them drove quite a ways to come and see me and my novel hanging out at a real live bookstore near-ish to them.

Me and my cousin.


My cousin Rod and I, with more cousins in the background.


Cousins (and sister!)

Me and sis and cousins



Well, that’s probably enough pictures, but you get the idea.  It was a very happy time, and I’m so glad my book tour included Flint.  Both of my parents grew up in the area; I have a lot of family there (well, obviously); and I spent quite a bit of time there myself as a kid, so it was another stop with a good feeling of circularity to it.  It’s a city hard hit by unemployment, poverty, and violence.   But that’s not all there is to say or think about it.  It’s a well-loved hometown to a lot of people.  For me, it’s where I first ate a pasty (King Arthur’s).  Took private clarinet lessons (Paul Torre and the Flint Institute of Music).  Made a fool of myself in Whiting Auditorium (forgot part of my clarinet back home in Caro and was supposed to play a solo).  Checked books out of the library.  Visited my aunt and uncle and cousins on Begole Street.  First ate in a McDonald’s (I was eight, maybe.  Filled out a customer comment card; figured that was really imnportant thing to do).  First went to an art museum.  Etc.

Cheers, Flint, Michigan!

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4 Responses to “Book Tour, Part Two”

  1. Pamela Grath

    Wow, Ellen, you have a lot of cousins! It’s nice to hear happy Flint memories, and I also enjoy seeing Sally enjoying the outdoors. But Rick planting a tree? People plant trees in the U.P.? Isn’t that kind of a coals-to-Newcastle kind of deal? No, I’m not criticizing, just amazed.

  2. ellenair

    Nothing Rick likes to do better than plant a tree, Pamela! : )

  3. Suzi Banks Baum

    Congratulations- on the porch, the bagel and the tour!
    I love to see you with all your cousins supporting you too. They form your fan base as an author! Woohoo….I have a slew of cousins. Hope they will be as active as yours are.
    Much love to you from the sunny Berkshires, Suzi

  4. ellenair

    Thanks, Suzi!

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