Thankful Day

Thursday, November 24th

We spent all of today at home, for which I’m very thankful.  It was blustery and mild, and the sun shone a lot.  In the morning I straightened up the house and then worked on the new book for a while, then took a walk.  I still have the sinus infection and am low on energy, so it wasn’t the long ramble I’d envisioned, but it still made me feel happy.  When I got back I was ready to make a lemon meringue pie for  supper.

Sallie climbed up on her couch near the pie-making enterprise.  She seemed completely relaxed, lounging in classic Thanksgiving-day style.

Rick had lit a fire in the woodstove and each cat instantly claimed a nearby chair and became completely comatose, so they also seemed to be having a perfect Thanksgiving.

As for me, I puttered around getting out my pie-making tools, feeling  cheerful.  Our kitchen at home isn’t as complete or organized as at the diner, so I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed before I started.  Having to go searching for something in the midst of thickening the filling is not a good idea, as I’ve learned from scorching more than one lemon pie.

Pretty soon I had everything:  pie dish, eggs, lemons, bowls, butter, corn starch, sugar, measuring cup, grater, mixer, juicer. I was very excited about the juicer.  I’ve had it for years, but have never used it because I do almost all of my baking in life at work, where there’s an industrial-sized electric juicer.  This home-sized juicer was a gift from a friend.  It’s old, red, and manual, and  I’ve always loved it.  Yesterday as I put things in a crate to haul home with me, I thought of it:  the perfect solution to the problem of how to squeeze a lemon at home (a problem I didn’t think about until I was at the grocery buying corn starch and Margaret said, “You’re using real lemons–good for you!” and I suddenly realized I would’ve gotten home with my lemons but no easy way of getting the juice out of them.)

The juicer worked beautifully.  I stopped stirring the sugar-corn starch-water mixture on the stove long enough to take a picture (and didn’t scorch the filling, a little miracle).

Everything was perfect:  the red juicer, the yellow lemons, my happiness.

Eventually the gelatin thickened and I scooped half of it into a bowl of three slightly beaten egg yolks, then scraped all of that back into the original saucepan of gelatin, and brought it to a boil again.  I felt very content, worrying only that the phone would ring and I’d be torn between answering it and probably ruining the pie, or ignoring it and feeling disappointed to have missed a holiday call from family or friends.  The phone didn’t ring.  The gelatin boiled again and I scooped it all into the pie shell I’d baked (and not burned in my picture-taking distraction, another small miracle).

Next I whipped the meringue and spread it over the pie and put it in the oven to brown.  I took it out ten minutes later and felt a rush of satisfaction at how pretty it was.

When the pie came out, Rick put our dinner in the oven:  a duck nestled in a roasting pa with carrots, potatoes, and foil-wrapped onions.  When he took it out hours later, it looked beautiful and I exclaimed over it.  “Take a picture,” he said, looking pleased, and I did.

We sat down with mason jars full of iced-down milk, ate too much, and talked about what we were thankful for this year.  Lots of things, small and large.   Our home, the novel, and good health (mostly) were high on the list.  Also this day.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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  1. Teri Gage

    Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving Day and your meringue is gorgeous! Glad to hear you found time to work on the new book. Looking forward to reading it. Happy Holidays!

  2. ellenair

    Happy Holidays to you, too, Teri!

  3. Mary Airgood Vecellio

    What a great day! We went to Marty and Cindys. I rolled out lots of moms butterhorns… wouldn’t have happened unless the yeast fermentation went well yesterday due to other Airgoods’ efforts! The butterhorns were delicious and the day was perfect. Marty has been making Mom’s rolls for quite a few years now!. Rolling the dough out and rolling up the crescent rolls just made the cycle of life complete on a day that brings back lots of family memories!

  4. Detsey Davis

    Enjoyed the story of your Thanksgiving Day. It sounded so peaceful. The pie looked delicious. My hiusband loves Lemon Pie. U need to write a cookbook. I love cookbooks.
    We had a quiet day. We had our Thanksgiving with our children and grandchildren, at our daughter’s home last night. We are so blessed. We have two children and four grands. They all are the light of our lives.
    Good to hear u are working on a new book. I can’t wait to read it. I am thinking of reading “South of Superior” again. It was a wonderful read. My oldest child (son) loves to write. He has always wanted to write a book but has no idea about getting one published. He has written for our local newspaper some through the years. He has a pphenomianial memory. He like his Mom likes to read.

  5. Jana Rector - Churubusco, IN

    Have you tried a Neti Pot Saline Sinus Wash? You can buy it as any drugstore – next time you get to a drug store! :-) A lot of people swear by them. (Store brands are just as good and the name brands.)

  6. Pamela Grath

    This post gave me a very happy, contented smile. Your lemon meringue pie is the most beautiful I have ever seen–or, at least, it’s a tie with my mother’s. Once I made a perfect lemon meringue pie and was so full of my success that I went dancing around the kitchen, pie held high in one hand, singing my own praises. Can you guess what happened? PLOP! Pride goeth before a fall, for sure in my case. Give Rick a big hug–and shake that sinus infection!

  7. ellenair

    Pamela, Oh my goodness! No! The pie!! : ) It’s a great story, though. Hugs back to you and David.

  8. ellenair

    Thank you, Detsey!

  9. ellenair

    Mary, you wouldn’t believe how often I think of your mom’s butterhorns!

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