It’s a very quiet time in the diner, and I’ve been focused on cleaning.  Cupboards and drawers are first up on my list, when usually they’re last.  The problem with being last is that too often I never get to them.  I just shove more in and slam the door shut.  I promise there’s nothing in my cupboards that’s a health hazard.  However.  I think they show a distressing tendency towards something or other.

Honestly I suspect my drawers and cupboards reveal that I’m unwell in some fundamental way.  Or, more forgivingly, I work too much and have too much going on almost all the time.  Also I was raised by two people who were children during the Great Depression and who both suffered profound personal losses at young, pivotal ages.  They may have had issues with loss that were  so diffuse in the air I grew up in that it could never be differentiated from the regular air.  There’s no criticism meant here.  I just wonder if their early losses shaped them in ways that shaped us, their children, into shapes and habits it’s easy to never quite get around to noticing, until something catches your attention.

Today the things I found in my toothbrush drawer in the employee restroom caught my attention.

*One antique brass tool check tag, carefully wrapped in white paper.

*One 30-06 rifle bullet.

*One shard of milk glass.

*Seventeen stray buttons (and here I feel a disproportionate wave of relief that I have a button box, a box whose sole function in my life is to hold hundreds of buttons that I will never do anything with, but I’ll deal with that a different day or year or decade).

*Seven assorted screws and nails.

*Seven single ear rings.

*A gold dollar.

*A penny.

*A broken bracelet I haven’t worn in twelve years (I have cleaned the drawer more often than that, although twelve years does fly by faster than I ever thought possible).

*Six bobby pins  (I haven’t used a bobby pin more than six times in my adult life, but they were part of my childhood–my grandma wore her hair up in two pinned braids, always– and apparently some silent but stubborn part of me insists that they need to be part of my adulthood too).

*Toothpaste (hurrah!  That stays).

My toohtbrush, plus a spare (ditto).

I will leave everyone to draw their own conclusions while I return to this absorbing task I’m determined to finish in the next fifteen minutes.

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  1. Pamela Grath

    That gold dollar was worth cleaning the drawer for, right? Amazing that it didn’t disappear. Bobby pins? Borrowers usually make off with those!

    It’s cold here today. Windy. Every now and then snow swirling. Finally December weather.

  2. ellenair

    Borrowers! I love that reminder of one of my favorite families in children’s literature. And, yep, snowy and blowing here finally too.

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