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Field Report, January, 2012

January 29th, 2012 — 5:54pm
  • Cups of coffee consumed:  ~80
  • Miles walked with Sallie:  ~80
  • Hours spent at desk working:  ~240
  • Words written:  ~70,000
  • Words deleted:  ~35,000
  • Words in current draft of novel-in-progress:  36,600
  • Overused words and phrases currently aware of:  20  (probably, a little, just, only, sort of, kind of, some, somewhat, somehow, very, quite, pretty much, too, really, shrug, sigh, grin, laugh, smile, feel) Note:  shocked by overuse of ‘quite.’
  • Instances of overuse of a little:  91
  • Instances of overuse of just:  92
  • Instances of overuse of kind of:  42
  • Instances of overuse of sort of:  21

QUESTION:  Am I really this wishy washy?

  • Words deleted after search for unnecessary adverbs:  228 (!)
  • Typically overused char. actions on lookout for:  5  ( shrug, sigh, grin, laugh, smile)
  • Sighs in current mss:  2
  • Grins:  4
  • Laughs:  2
  • Shrugs:  0  (!!)
  • Smiles:  19    Note:  Unable so far to weed out many smiles.  Situation requires action.  Effort ongoing, although status is low priority.
  • Previously overused char. action found nowhere in current project:  lip biting.  Note:  1 lip tremble, 1 press, 1 stick-out.  Acceptable?
  • Trips to Newberry:  1
  • Trips to Grand Marais:  3
  • Moments of self-doubt:  scattered
  • Moments of surety:  scattered
  • Moments of putting head down and plodding forward:  most
  • Blizzards:  1
  • Rainy days:  1
  • Hours spent basking by woodstove:  innumerable
  • Cool definitions not previously known which won’t be forgotten:  2
  1. Hokey pokey:  cheap ice cream sold by street vendors.
  2. Copasetic:  fine, excellent, quite (!) content.  from Creole, copasetique, ‘able to be coped with.’  Note:  Sadly, still unable to shoehorn copasetic into current mss.  Effort ongoing.
  • Pencils ground to nubbins at work on current project:  5  (pictured)

  • Favorite Christmas present:  electric pencil sharpener
  • Good days:  29

Report filed 1-29-12

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Rick’s Blog

January 25th, 2012 — 3:41am

Last week, Rick suggested a bunch of photos he thought people might enjoy seeing.  I took the pictures, and am in town for the night (thank you, Ford),  and since this’ll be my last tango with  high speed for a while, I  decided to live it up on the uploading  front.


One of my favorite spots in the house.

The extension of our refrigerator/freezer.

Starting to bank snow up against the house for insulation.

Our traditional hole in the ice.  (We spudded it open right before Christmas, but have been lazy about keeping it open since we no longer haul water for life’s necessities, but run it right in the house.  Rick’s hoping to get time to ice fish for walleye here, eventually).

Winter commute vehicle (this photo may be outdated if sled cannot be fixed.  How fast things change).

Sallie loves to watch the birds.

Rick likes to watch TV, especially the Green Bay Packers.

I like to watch snow fall and smoke rise up out of the chimney.  And Sallie.  And the Packers!

Part of the fuel supply.

Fuel delivery system.

Snow removal system.

Link to outside world.

Link to outside world #2.

Okay, I admit it, Link #3, the internet.

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