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Last week, Rick suggested a bunch of photos he thought people might enjoy seeing.  I took the pictures, and am in town for the night (thank you, Ford),  and since this’ll be my last tango with  high speed for a while, I  decided to live it up on the uploading  front.


One of my favorite spots in the house.

The extension of our refrigerator/freezer.

Starting to bank snow up against the house for insulation.

Our traditional hole in the ice.  (We spudded it open right before Christmas, but have been lazy about keeping it open since we no longer haul water for life’s necessities, but run it right in the house.  Rick’s hoping to get time to ice fish for walleye here, eventually).

Winter commute vehicle (this photo may be outdated if sled cannot be fixed.  How fast things change).

Sallie loves to watch the birds.

Rick likes to watch TV, especially the Green Bay Packers.

I like to watch snow fall and smoke rise up out of the chimney.  And Sallie.  And the Packers!

Part of the fuel supply.

Fuel delivery system.

Snow removal system.

Link to outside world.

Link to outside world #2.

Okay, I admit it, Link #3, the internet.

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  1. Mary Airgood Vecellio

    Loved seeing that stove again… you should take a picture of that gorgeous stone fireplace and post that!!!!

    Mary, I wish you could come visit again soon–like NOW–and see the stove and fireplace in person.

  2. Pamela Grath

    Your “systems” are great! Sallie stepping through the snow. The cozy chair by the fire. Will young people recognize that black rotary dial instrument as a phone? Dear Ellen, it is lovely to see these pictures of your winter life. Rick had a great idea–please thank him!

    Pamela: And will they know what that box by the road is? I got your handwritten letter yesterday, in town. Thank you!! And I’ll thank Rick!

  3. Amy Rutkowski

    Hi Ellen !
    Eric & I will will in town the 10th thru the 18th. I hope we can meet up. Is the Diner offically closed for the winter now ?

  4. Ilsa

    Such beautiful winter photos! I love your fuel delivery system.

  5. ellenair

    Thanks, Ilsa! I do love the wood heat, but it is a LOT of work. Mostly done by Rick!

  6. Aubrieta Hope

    I love the pictures, Ellen! Great idea! So glad to know that you don’t have to get water out of the lake anymore. What a beautiful home you have!

  7. ellenair

    Thanks, Aubrieta! We love our little cabin. I never minded hauling water. It was a good way to make sure I got out and saw the sun rise or set, or heard a kingfisher. Plus I really thought about the water in a way I might not have at the sink tap. However. It’s really splendid to have the sink taps!

  8. Barb Hendricks

    I’m interested that you still have a dial phone. Don’t you love it? We had one til 2 years ago. We also have 2 princess style phones so we can make the necessary push button responses to automated voices on the other end of the line. You should have seen our 4 yr. old granddaughter talk on our princess phone with its long twisted cord. She began walking around as though she was on a cordless phone and got all confused in the cord.
    Thanks for sharing so much of your life with your fans.

  9. Paula Engle

    Thank you for sharing a bit of your world!

    My eyes lit up when I saw the round silver sled and the rotary phone! We had both when I was growing up!

    For our sakes I hope you’re back to doing the tango with high speed very soon! :)

    Take care!

  10. ellenair

    Thanks for these cool comments and stories, everyone. I love them.

  11. ellenair

    Hi Amy! Yep, closed on 1-1-12. Keeping very busy, enjoying it all. Take care!

  12. Gay Anderson

    The corded phone reminded me that our granddaughter’s favorite toy when she was a toddler was a phoneless cord. She had more fun with that!

  13. Mike Justice

    Is that a rocker by your woodstove?

  14. Mike Justice


  15. Mike Justice

    oops! mail is :


    I was thinking about real letters vs. electronic when I posted these comments. (Still trying to write that letter to the radio station in Wisconsin, but it’s still not coming out right (!) ) When I got to the leaving my mail address part, I thought I’d put my real address, but it wouldn’t let me. (Required a legitimate email address). So I went to yahoo and set up an account with my “real address”. I didn’t think it would let me either, but it did! Only problem was that it had to begin with a letter, hence, the “at”. And since you don’t publicize our addresses, I thought it would be fun! And, it was! Will I ever use it? Yes, but probably only on here :)

  16. Mike Justice

    What I meant was: I thought it would be copasetic to have both your email address and your mailing address all wrapped up into one. It could be used on registrations, and applications which require your mailing address anyhow. You wouldn’t have to type it all in. You could just say “same as”.

  17. Mike Justice

    How silly of me. I put the right one in a comment. Can you delete that one Ellen? Hahaha!

  18. ellenair

    Mike, Yep, that’s a rocker–#2 in house. The cat’s rocker, mainly.

  19. Amy

    My 8 year old daughter has never seen a dial telephone. At the National Gallery Sculpture Garden here in Washington, DC there is a typewriter easer sculpture which she called “the blue hair”. I saw 2 twenty-something’s standing in front of it peering at the sculpture name and even though they could read the words I could tell they still had no idea what it actually was. Glad to know there’s still a place in the world where all kinds of technology can live together in service to you.

  20. ellenair

    Amy! Hello! And what a great story. And an eight year old daughter: Wow. So cool. xo, Ellen

  21. gretchen zuiderveen

    Hi Ellen,

    I love seeing these photos, and especially the mailbox saying Guth/Airgood Monks ;-) .
    I checked in to see when your book will be released, and am hoping we can be in GM for it this time.
    our winter has been centered on trips to and from Traverse City to be with Jessica, Theo, and the latest edition, Reid George, now 5 months old.
    Hey to Rick, take care, look forward to June! Gretchen Z

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