Blues Skies and Iceburgs

March 11, 2012

Sunny today and balmy, which is strange for so early in March in the U.P., or used to be.  I’m a winter person and so don’t feel that I’ve actually lived until I’ve flung myself up against long stretches of good old fashioned winter weather and in some ways been chastened and informed by it:

I am snow and wind and bitter temperatures, winter says.  You are human.

But this kind of challenge has been thin on the ground the last few years for the most part, and now already here is what seems like spring.  (And springing ahead on the clock as well, which we wouldn’t have known about in anything like a timely fashion if Rick’s mother hadn’t called this morning and said, “So have you turned your clocks forward.”  To which I said, “Oh.”    It explained a lot.  I got up at 7:30 on my clock which is very late for me, and what seemed like half an hour later it was 9:00 on my computer.  I didn’t give any thought to it and supposed it was some kind of time warp.)

This unseasonable mildness and so many weak winters in a row doesn’t seem like a good omen to me for many species, humans included, or the planet in general, but still it is hard not to be uplifted by the gentle warm breeze and the sun.  As I walked my four miles shedding first windbreaker and then sweatshirt to get down to two t-shirts, the sun was a balm on my head, strong enough to make me squint.  And the lake–Lake Superior is as blue as a blue crayon today; the iceburgs have the uncompromising starkness of a white one.  The sky–sky blue, just like the label says.

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7 Responses to “Blues Skies and Iceburgs”

  1. Aubrieta Hope

    I echo your sentiments about the non-winter. It’s hard to feel sad about spring’s arrival, but I am nostalgic for winter.

    Aubieta, me too.

  2. Tessa

    Hi! I’m a reference librarian–just posted my review of your book on Good Reads. Loved it!

    I agree totally–I didn’t feel like we had much winter down here, either. I never even put on my down coat!
    The birds are back early, too.

    Tessa, Thanks–I’ll look forward to reading your review! Another spring-like day here that is too early, but–beautiful.

  3. Pamela Grath

    Hated to see the snow disappear just when I was getting into tracking, but now the songbirds are back, and I’m all excited about that. To everything there is a season. Let’s just hope we keep having all the seasons every year.

    Indeed, let’s hope we do, Pamela! And thank you for sending PLUCHE!

  4. Vicki

    Just finished the book last night and loved it.

    I, too, am a winter person. I find spring and summer too ‘extroverted’. Fall and winter are the moody months and I love them.

    Our winter here in Southern Ontario was the mildest I have ever experienced. Yes, it does not bode well for the living things if this is an omen of thing to come.

    Anyway, congratulations on the book.


  5. ellenair

    Vicki, Thank you for writing–I’m so glad you enjoyed the novel. I like your description of spring and summer as ‘too extroverted.’ I love them all, but fall and winter are definitely my favorites.

  6. Laura

    Ellen, just the other day I was walking out of the assisted living place after visiting my mother, and the reading group was busy reading South of Superior. The recreation director gal is reading it and substituting Grand Marais for the name of the town that you used because there are so many people in the group who know and love Grand Marais. They say it doesn’t feel right to call it anything else. They are enjoying the book so much! And, it has made my mother almost a celebrity because they all know that she is partly inspiration for Arbutus. The white hair and blue eyed smile give her away. One of the residents told me that they visited Grand Marais whenever they could and always wanted to live there, hearing your story makes it seem as if they DID live there. Isn’t that nice?

  7. ellenair

    Laura, What a beautiful story and compliment. Thank you for telling me! And your mom deserves to be a celebrity, she is such a special and wonderful person. xo, Ellen

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