The Start of the Season

May 29th, 2012

Today’s special:  A Polish sausage with grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms, and cheese, with fries and a vanilla cream float.

Today’s cookies:  lemon oatmeal with tart lemon glaze, oatmeal raisin cranberry, and monster.  Lately I’ve been stuffing the cookies–fudge in the monster, lemon curd in the lemon–but there wasn’t time for that today.

Today’s muffins:  elderberry-blueberry with an orange glaze.  All gone early!

Today’s furthest (farthest?) travelers:  a  family from Germany.

Today’s hardest part:  taking in two big deliveries and waiting tables at the same time.  Back hurts; lifted too much.  Too stubborn and too dumb to take it slower and easier.  Do I have to wreck my back again to learn?  Maybe.  Such is human nature.  Wonder why.

Today’s best part:  hard to choose, once I start thinking about it.  My first sip of coffee this morning?  My walk with Sallie?  All the friendly faces I saw?  My spinach salad?  Also the smell of rain, which has been in such short supply for so long, talking to my mom and my sister on the phone, sitting down for a moment with Bob and Carol, talking to Candace about writing, serving pie and French fries to two cheerful campers, finding the mocha I lost this morning when it got busy (added ice cubes to it and had it as my after work treat),  eating bleu cheese potato chips with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese for a very happy if not nutritional supper.

Best news:  The wildfires are somewhat more contained.  We had a much needed downpour last night.  (The world seemed washed this morning.)  My brother is home from the hospital.  Readers are stopping in to say they loved PRAIRIE EVERS.  Also writing to say they bought SOUTH OF SUPERIOR at the airport.  (This is quite a thrill!)  Laura had a great graduation, which I was sorry to miss but happy to hear about after.

Worst news:  Oh, she said with a sigh, I guess there wasn’t any, really, not in my own personal world, not today.  It’s just that it’s 10:00 p.m. and I’m mentally flat-lining.  But even on hard days there are so many high points.

Some scattered high points from the past week:

Nathan and AJ enjoy sodas

Thomas, me, and Dameon. Dameon's going to read P. EVERS for his book report at school, and Thomas is going to see if his library at home has it.

Crossing the Mackinac Bridge is a thrill every time.

Like us, the guys at Krueger's Fish Market in Mackinac City are gearing up for the summer season.

So is our friend Lenny at the Bridgeview Diner.

6:34 p.m. on Wednesday... fifteen minutes later we left Lenny's place in Mackinac City and headed back north across the bridge to dive into the holiday weekend's long hours.

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8 Responses to “The Start of the Season”

  1. Pamela Grath

    Ellen, that clock at Lenny’s scared me! I’m glad you and rick are not open 24 hours! Love the many high points and all the good news in your day. Hugs!

  2. Laura

    I just saw a link to this over on Facebook and thought I’d come visit you. Reading your blog is almost as good as running over to the Diner for supper. Almost.

    Do you ship autographed books?

  3. ellenair

    Hi Laura!! Thanks, and yes, I can mail a signed book! Best, Ellen

  4. ellenair

    Pamela, I didn’t think of the scare that might provide! Cool clock though, eh? xo, Ellen

  5. jan langley

    I wish I lived nearby in the woods ,close enough to Superior hear the waves crashing on the shore. I wish I could again hear the wind pushing through the pines. O God, How I miss home. Thank you,Ellen, for bringing it back to me.

  6. Melinda Frydel Lansing Mi

    Ellen, just got Prairie Evers last night. My two girls (10 and 11) were fighting over who got to read it first. I won because i’m the mom AND i bought it. LOL Only managed to read 3-4 chapters last night but was immediately in love. Just the cover alone makes me think of you and i can vision you in jean shorts, barefoot, with your chickens and your hair in pig tails. And i LOVE the relationship Prairie has with her Grannie, i too was very close to my Grandma and this brings a lot of memories for me. Going to bed early tonight just so i can read, and besides… i have to hurry, as the book is on a waiting list in our house already.

  7. ellenair

    Jan, You’d like tonight, I think. Raining hard (and we need the rain), cold (I like cold weather), and the lake is crashing some.

  8. ellenair

    Melinda–this is great news! I hope you all will like it. No fighting, now.

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