Duct Tape

Today’s Special:  Whitefish Fillet Sandwich with a Root Beer or Vanilla Cream Soda Float.

Today’s Cookies:  Reese’s Peanut Butter, Lemon Oatmeal with Tart Lemon Glaze, and Great Grandma Daisy Butcher’s Molasses.

Biggest Thing That Did Not Go Wrong:  The fox in Mrs. Chase’s yard did not eat Rosie the cat at 6:30 a.m.

Celebrity Sighting:  Karl Bohnak, Chief meteorologist at the TV6 Weather Center in Negaunee and author of  “SO COLD A SKY, Upper Michigan Weather Stories.” Karl ate breakfast in the diner this morning!  I love his book and got to tell him so.

Prettiest Meal I Made:  The Powers’ Veggie Pizza.  (The colors:  green and yellow peppers, fresh pineapple, broccoli, tomatoes, black olives, feta, mushrooms, onions, garlic, the browned Parmesan on top…)

Fun Fleeting Moments Reminiscent of Old Times:  Having Maribeth–who worked many summers in the diner–in town over the weekend.  (Congrats Maribeth and Eric on your upcoming August wedding!  And thank you so much for saying I can absolutely move in with you in St. Paul, MN, to be your repository of unwritten recipes, and can even bring Rick, Sallie the dog, and Rosie the howling cat, and can also have my own room, a library card, and a convection oven, as long as I’ll make pizza, spicy tomato soup, and cookies.  You’re the best!)

What I learned:  Yes, you can duct tape your slip straps to your shoulders to finally stop them from sliding down after a day-long battle with them.  The tape will stick for about an hour and isn’t any fun any more after that anyway.  But one of the best parts of my day today was the the business-like rip of the tape when I decided to take matters into hand and fix this problem.  (And Laura and Becky’s laughter from the other side of the swinging doors when they heard the tape because they knew what I was about to do, and Becky saying “Are you really?” without even having to look, and me getting to say,  “Yep.  I am.”)

There are so many problems you can’t do anything about, but with duct tape, a few things you actually can fix, at least for a while.

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10 Responses to “Duct Tape”

  1. Gwen

    Ellen – You would have loved being in my town this weekend! http://www.ducttapefestival.com/

  2. Sheri Vail

    I would like a lemon oatmeal cookie, and I’ll also take one of Grandma Daisy’s molasses please…..with a big glass of milk!

    Thanks cuz!

  3. ellenair

    Gwen, a duct tape festival?! That’s perfect.

  4. ellenair

    Sheri, Wish you could stop by to pick up your cookie order!

  5. Barb Whaley

    You are the greatest!

  6. Pamela Grath

    I must tell you, Ellen, that when I first met Jim Harrison (many, many years ago, obviously), he and Linda were driving an old car given them by Linda’s father, and that car was practically held together with duct tape. Can it be part of every writer’s early struggles?

  7. ellenair

    Pamela, I think duct tape has to be part of EVERYbody’s early–and probably late–struggles! : )

  8. ellenair

    No I’m not! But thanks anyway! : ) xo, Ellen

  9. Barb D

    I am reading Prairie Evers- lovely story btw, and I have my signed copy of South of Superior. I spent the afternoon today looking for a venue and time when I can “meet the author” on the UP Book Tour. My hope for the future is to get my book club to schedule South of Superior. Or get to the diner and enjoy some cookies!

  10. ellenair

    Barb, Thank you–I’m glad you’re liking Prairie Evers.

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