Two Butter Knives

Today’s Special:  Belgium Waffle with strawberries and whipped cream, and a side of bacon, ham, sausage, or potatoes.

Today’s Soup:  Cream of Mushroom.   I just made it for the first time ever. Now that I’ve done it and found it easy, I wonder why I never did it before.

Today’s Cookies:  Maple Walnut with chocolate glaze, and Monster.

Today’s U.P. moment:  Stopping mid-walk through town to say hello to Geri the Physical Therapist who was pulled over by the bay to use her cell phone.  She told me how awesome it’d been the other day to be able to fix her jammed fax machine with two butter knives.  She looked really happy about it, which I got.  If you can’t fix your fax machine with two butter knives, you have to take it somewhere.  That’s a whole day proposition, maybe more.  A lot of gas, a lot of time.  Then chances are good they’ll tell you to get a new one, and you don’t want a new one.  A new one might not work with your other possibly old-ish equipment.  Plus there’s the whole satisfaction of self-sufficiency thing.

It’s sunny and quiet, today.  Lake Superior’s very blue, with some very white whitecaps rolling in.  Sallie and I walked out to the lakeshore and stood in the sun for a few minutes, then walked back to work, squinting and feeling content.

A winter moonrise.

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  1. Karen Casebeer

    I’m really enjoying your more regular posts to your Blog. Thanks for being back. Karen

  2. Mary Airgood Vecellio

    Beautiful picture and I wish I could be there in 8 hours to have some of that soup…. Happy New Year!

  3. Maxine Irving

    I really enjoyed reading you book. Can’t wait to get to Grand Marais this summer. You list of food made me hungry.

  4. Carole Christensen

    Wish I was in Grand Marais today, your soup sounds delish! Love, love, loved both of your books! Another one in the making??

    Happy New Year,

  5. Tony Block

    I was homesick for Grand Marais just fom reading your blog! Where was the photo taken? I see Sable Lake when I look at it and can’t get that setting out of my mind. When will book number three arise? My upcoming summer Kindle list does not include and Airgood novel like the previous two summers. By the way, the maple-walnut cookies make me want to jump in the van and drive the 70 miles right now!

  6. Tony Block

    *an Airgood novel

  7. ellenair

    Thanks, Tony! I was homesick for GM today myself, and I’m here. Weird. The photo was taken at Muskallonge Lake. I’m working on a book, but it has a ways to go… Thank you so much for looking forward to it.

  8. Ellen Smith

    Please send a dozen Monster cookies pronto!
    I love the picture of the moonrise. Momentarily it made me want to be there. Then I remembered how cold it would be. I have Tennessee blood now–too thin.

    Thanks for the Xmas card. How is Prairie doing?

  9. Suzanne Tietjen

    Read this after just deciding to stay holed up in the woods overnight.

    Now I want to drive to the Diner.

  10. Pamela Grath

    Dearest Ellen, I’d've loved to be there for your Belgian waffle and cream of mushroom soup but am pretty happy to be at home with meat loaf in the oven and all the dishes washed up for the brief time between now and after dinner. The title of this post really called to me, even before I read it. “Two Butter Knives.” How could anything with that title not be wonderful?

    You gave your U.P. moment, so I’ll give my Northport moment: I was pulling mail out of my p.o. box, and there was an envelope addressed to “The Splendid and Incomparable [my name]“! It was a beautiful new year’s card from one of my favorite publishers, with a handwritten personal note inside. Made my day!

    We had a little sunshine, too….

  11. Gray Brunk

    Jennifer, Esther and I have been reading your posts over the holidays. Tonight after hearing about Today’s Cookies Esther asked how far it is to the maple walnut cookies with chocolate glaze. I told her 20 hours drive. We are getting in the car right now. Hopefully they will be Tomorrow’s Cookies as well.

  12. Randy

    My friend, Rick, just urged me to go to G.M. and eat your tomato bisque soup. It may be a whole-day proposition to do so. But a good day.

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