Night Sledding

A plow hurtles past heading north, toward the gas station.  A half dozen snowmobiles buzz the other direction, their headlights bobbing.  I scuff along the high bank with my sled, heading for where the steps lead down to the bay.  There’s a cold wind, a haze over the sliver of moon.  The rigging on the flag bangs, as usual.  And then I fly down.

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5 Responses to “Night Sledding”

  1. Pamela Grath

    Did Sallie go on the sled, too?

  2. ellenair

    No… this once, I left her behind. Too much snowmobile traffic along the bay road on a snowy Friday night.

  3. Phil Downs

    Ellen, there is a haiku in there!

  4. ellenair

    I know, Phil, I thought so too! Great minds, little brother.

  5. Laurie Johnson

    Plow hurtles northward
    Gaggle of snowmobiles churns
    Up snow ere I sled.

    Sliver of cold moon
    Illuminates rigging and
    My scuffing snow steps.

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