Dinner Party

At Gary’s cabin.  Rick frying perch in a cast iron skillet.  Tater tots, our guilty pleasure, in the oven.  Smoke detectors beeping madly, as always.   Cold out, a still night.  Door and windows open, Gary waving a towel to move the smoke.  Adam barking, Sallie curled up on Adam’s bed looking peaceful in the face of chaos.  Outside the windows the sky is dark and clear and the moon is bright.  On the way home I look for Orion.

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  1. Therese Falder

    John just took the batteries out of the smoke detectors when we got fed up w/them going off whenever I fried fish or potatoes or practically anything.
    I was so happy to see “Prairie Evers” nominated for the award. Congratulations, Ellen.
    Enjoy that perch!

  2. Jann Parks

    I am waiting for a new book. I loved South of Superior

  3. Jana Rector - Churubusco, IN

    For what award was “Prairie Evers” nominated?
    BTW, “South of Superior” has a new fan, my sister-in-law, Cinda Metcalf! :-) She loved it!

  4. Pamela Grath

    We went for the Tater Tots, too, the other day. Winter is beautiful, but comfort is comfort.

  5. ellenair

    Hurrah for tater tots and comfort!

  6. ellenair

    Jana, Prairie has been nominated for reader’s choice awards in the State of Pennsylania and the Houston, Texas consolidated school district.

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