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Dear Readers,

June 9th, 2013 — 7:29pm


So once again, a blog becomes like a letter you haven’t written for far too long, until there’s too much to catch up on and you don’t write it at all.  Especially if you’ve been in something of a writing drought.

A few of  my favorite things that’ve happened lately, in no particular order:

I saw hundreds–thousands?  probably–of just hatched fish in the water of Muskallonge Lake one morning when I ambled down the neighbor’s dock with my morning coffee.  I stared down at them in delight and felt about ten years old.  (i.e., vastly and uncomplicatedly  happy.)

I figured that would be the best part of my day, already in before 9 a.m., but then on the way to work we saw two sandhill cranes bobbing along the side of the road on their long legs, close enough to reach out and touch their red heads, though of course I didn’t.

Then Becky and Ellie (and Cassandra and Renee and then Margaret) came in with the new addition to their family, son and brother Winston James, almost one month old that day.  Winston slept, mostly, and smacked his lips a little, and was handsome, as babies are.  I gazed at him in admiration while Ellie sat on my lap and told me interesting stories, so the day just kept getting nicer.

Sallie dog got very sick and recovered.  She is back to trotting around with her ears flopping joyfully.

I invented a chocolate chunk orange cookie with an orange glaze.  (And am addicted to it, though that part of it’s questionable as far as being a great thing.)

I got to read Evelyn’s story of her life, which made me just plain old flat out glad about things and reminded me how much I’ve always enjoyed the way the sun shines off the water in the morning, the way a seagull stands at the edge of the water on his orange legs, the sound a brooklet makes running on its small way to the big lake, the smell of damp sand.

That’s all for now.  I’ll try and write again soon.

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