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August 12, 2013

The “TO DO” list of 8/11/13.  One of the reasons working at the diner is fun, no matter how hectic and demanding and sometimes plain old impossible.   Thanks, Taylor and Patience, for expanding the list the other night.  It made me happy.

Glad to see somebody or other got around to developing psychic abilities, by the way.

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  1. Phil Downs

    Perfect. I need a list like that. May I borrow it?

  2. ellenair

    Absolutely, Phil.
    fyi, today’s list included, along with the quotidian brownies, cake, muffin order, July books, Order deli bags, accept YRC quote, oatmeal raisin cookie dough, pies, and press release,
    *Assemble Justice League
    *Learn to play accordian
    *Karate chop boards, cinder blocks, etc.
    *Dig hole to China
    *Propify improper fractions
    *Stop calling RC ‘refreshemnts’
    *Stop giving Taylor pens, seriously.

  3. Phil Downs

    *Develop workable plan for peace in the middle east

    *Build 3 level parking garage behind diner

    * Hire Wolverine as Sou chef

    * Stop giving Taylor pens, ironically

  4. Susan Hardie


    We just returned from our 8-day ‘maiden voyage’ to Lake Superior. The trip was inspired by your book. Based at our camp on Muskallonge Lake, we made excursions to points east and west on the south shore of Superior. Spectacular country.

    We were delighted to find you, just as you describe, busy at West Bay Diner. Thank you for taking a minute to sit and greet our family. I left full and satisfied. Check.

    I can definitely say that part of my heart remains in the UP. However, in returning to my own hectic and demanding life in the middle of the mitten, I can (at least for now) look at my own ‘to do’ list and the semester ahead, with renewal . . . albeit, a bit of hesitation. Hesitation is a good thing. My perspective has again been realigned.

    Thank you! Keep writing!

  5. Charles S.

    Good stuff, Ms Ellen; a challenge to Jim Harrison, the former Grand Marais writer.

    A warm welcome next week to Detour Village, the cul-de-sac of the eastern U.P., where remote does not define the channel changer. Even Garmin, the GPS people, have failed to discover us in their global crosshairs. You’ll be able to see, first-hand, where the runoff of Lake Superior flows.

    Should your honorarium not include a mileage allowance, the array of cookies following the performance is worth the trip, as is the drive. Be careful, arrive early, it’s a long-@ss haul. Dr. C.

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