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October 13, 2013

Two friends from Munising were in for lunch today, and I was so glad to see them.  I sat for a moment to chat, but then hopped up to get to my list:  make cookie doughs and pie dough and cream cheese brownies, answer emails, put bread out to rise, all of that.  I kept looking at them as I worked, and finally went out and told them how glad I was to see them and how sorry I am that I’m always in such a hurry.  Even when they’re here, I seem to rarely be able to stop and really enjoy them.  I told them that stopping in their shop (Open Wings Gallery) without being in a rush is on my bucket list.  They laughed; their faces lit with understanding.  Part of the reason I like them so much.

Some–many–of the things on my list are modest, and even so  it seems impossible to get to them.   Many have been there for years, for decades.

Anyway, here it is, the tip of the iceberg, a small piece of my own personal bucket list as of 1:53 p.m. on a Sunday in the middle of October:

  • Go to Open Wings with plenty of time to visit and browse.
  • Camp in Lake Superior State Forest Campground.  (It’s halfway between home and work, only ten miles away.)
  • Make a t-shirt dress from t-shirts I find at a thrift shop.  (A la the wonderful family I met from Traverse City this summer, wherein the mom, Amy, was wearing such a dress, all swing-y and fun.)
  • Get to a thrift shop!
  • Take Jill (of Open Wings) up on her invitation to do this t-shirt dress project TOGETHER.
  • Do the Circle Tour around Lake Superior.  (I live on Lake Superior for crying out loud.  I own a vehicle.  This should not be so seemingly unachievable, it really shouldn’t.)
  • Knit again.
  • Write letters to my friends.
  • Make my own yogurt.
  • Take a few days off and tackle no big projects.

I’ll bet a lot of people’s lives go like this.   There are no easy answers–life is complicated and demanding–but for my own part, I’ve resolved to fulfill at least one of these before next January.

Amy in her fun recycled t-shirt dress

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  1. Lloyd

    Ha! You’re calling it your bucket list, and my adventure partner and I called it our 36 Hour I’ve Always Wanted to Stop There Tour when we visited you last August. We also camped in the National Lakeshore near you, visited Open Wings and Falling Rock Cafe Bookstore, and toured Pictured Rocks and various waterfalls. No T-shirt dress, but we wrote a not-too-shabby song along the way.

    Next summer’s plan is the Circle Tour, so it will be longer than 36 hours!

  2. Elizabeth Adler

    Dear Ellen, pick one, just one and gift it to yourself within the next 30 days! Put yourself on the calendar and it will be more apt to happen! We have done some of your bucket list and have more on our own list. My next trip to see our son in Alaska includes a zip line!! At 73, it should be a real gas!!

  3. Pam Gardner

    you must do more than 1 of these things before January, Ellen. Life is too short. I do know what you mean though as I intend to do many things on my “bucket” list which include seeing friends and travel just around our Finger Lakes and year after year it doesn’t happen! I resolved last year to spend more time on the List but as usual life intrudes. It is complicated.
    Best to you and hope you are finding time to write your book_
    Pam Gardner

  4. Denise

    Visiting beautiful Grand Marais two weeks ago and eating fish chowder for lunch and raspberry pie for dinner at your diner fulfilled a couple of my wishes.
    Thanks so much for writing “South of Superior” and introducing me to this magical place.

  5. Cathy Howie

    I like you not-too-difficult-and-way-out-there list, Ellen. I’m going to make a similar one, I think for the next year. Doable things that make my heart sing. Thanks for the encouragement!

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