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Tip of the Day

February 18th, 2014 — 5:28pm

In college I dated a guy who drove cab part time.  I was always  a little envious of the tips he sometimes got–a braid of garlic  once–and the stories he’d hear.

I was so quiet in those days, I never dreamed I’d do work that would stand me in front of strangers, chatting like I knew how, or that I’d earn my own unique tips.  But here I am, 23 years waiting tables, and now not doing it is as remote as a trip to Mars.  There was a time when I didn’t?  A me who was afraid to?

Thinking about all this made me realize one of my favorite parts of the job is the surprise of it, the unexpected turns it has to make just by its nature, the serendipities.

Monday's tip of the day

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Happiness, quick routes toward

February 12th, 2014 — 9:17pm

I read an article recently that said looking at their photos gives most people a mood boost.  Quick and simple:  nice.  I was feeling fairly cheerful at that moment anyway, but out of curiosity went and did a quick scroll through the camera roll on the diner’s iPad.  There was  a fair amount of work- related stuff.  Those two cases of tomatoes that came in bad, the case of broken jars of caramel sauce.  But also this– the deck I built myself out back last fall:  two pallets, two cans of spray paint, some shoveling and raking, a lawn chair from home and one from Dennis, and voila, a sunny place to sit with my morning cereal and coffee. It made me spectacularly pleased then–the doing of it and the use of–and yep, makes me pretty pleased now too.  My deck! There it is.  And sunshine, and cereal eaten outdoors.

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