Mom and Me

There I am, in a time before I can remember.  Chubby and cheery, with an awesome hat, hanging out with my mom.  Life didn’t get much better than that.   (Thanks, Sis, for sending this picture to me.)

I feel unreasonably cheerful today.  Cheerful, hopeful, sure of something and I don’t even know what it is.  Could be the sun and mildness:  it’s something like 30 or 40 F.  Above zero.  I haven’t minded the winter at all–I’ve loved it in all its drama and extremity–but also it was thrilling to walk to the hardware for masking tape (twice) wearing just a down vest over shirt sleeves for a coat.  And shoes.  Just shoes, not swampers.  Thick soled clunky shoes, sure, but shoes.  And I saw pavement.

What I kept thinking as I looked at this photo this afternoon, contemplating today’s out-of-nowhere cheer, is–again–how lucky I am.  I had a happy childhood.  My parents wanted kids; they devoted their lives to me and my siblings.   For me my childhood has always been a well I can go back and drink from.  It’s a stable base to jump from.  I learned how to be happy in childhood.  Yes, I did also learn (in childhood and on my own) how to be unhappy, but I had lessons I don’t even remember in security and cheer.  There’s that cowboy hat being clutched with such panache to prove it.

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  1. Pamela Grath

    Thanks for the happy thoughts, Li’l Cowgirl. xxxooo

  2. Pam Gardner

    A Happy Childhood is a blessing. I had one too!
    As of this moment we are having a true blizzard in the Finger Lakes of western NYS. Everything is closed! (in a place where things seldom close)

  3. Maggie

    I was so sorry to read about your mom’s passing. It has been 44 years since my mother died but I still think of her every day. First a little kernel of loneliness pops up but it’s followed by a warm flood of gratitude for the memories I have of her — which in turn leaves me with a smile. She is still a blessing after all these years.

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