Supply Run

Another story in pictures.

Went to the Soo to meet trucks.

One was a little later than expected, so we had time to visit with Amy, near Brimley.

She showed us her new chicks.  They were cheeping softly.  Amy said they’re supposed to lay well in the winter.

There was also time to sit in the sun and drink a butterscotch malt at the Bear’s Den, where the owners were very kind to a wayfaring stranger who didn’t feel very well.  (Me.)

And time to walk through the train museum in Brimley, where I’ve always wanted to go and have never been.

It was a peaceful day.   I was grateful for the sun on my skin.

Waiting for the truck at the Brim-Cor.

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3 Responses to “Supply Run”

  1. Pam Gardner

    what is a butterscotch malt?

    It sounds delightful!

  2. Mariann Airgood

    Nice shoes sissie.

    Thanks, Sis. I like ‘em too.

  3. Pamela Grath

    Train museum in Brimley made me think of the little museum in Seney, which has always been closed when we’ve passed through. Maybe someday….

    It’s good to have a day of errands that gives you a change of scenery, isn’t it?

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