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The advance reading copies of THE EDUCATION OF IVY BLAKE are here, and that’s a great feeling.  The book is due out in June, which will be here soon.  (Though on this snowy, cold day, that doesn’t seem true.)  My heartfelt thanks to my editor, my agent, and the team of readers who helped Ivy and I arrive at this point.

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  1. AnnMarie Rowland

    Hooray! Congratulations, Ellen. I look forward to reading it.

  2. gretchen zuiderveen

    George and I closed up the cabin the last weekend in October; we stopped by the diner twice, to say hello and then, good- bye, but missed you both times ;-(.
    I’m looking forward to meeting Ivy!

  3. Dawn Kinderman

    Ellen, we just finished our read aloud of Praire Evers and my 6th graders would love to Skype some afternoon this winter. They want to share their reactions to the book and especially to meet and interview you. Unanimously, they requested a sequel and were upset with the end of the story. I shared how we met in August in your restaurant discussing which flavor of malt I should order. Your secret was revealed when I explained that you had showed me the cover to your next book on your iPad. We are excited to get started on the next adventure. Hopefully you remember me as the ILA teacher from Wisconsin (Onalaska) and are still willing to connect. Congratulations on your newest publication!

    How great to hear from you! Let’s choose an afternoon to Skype, and I will think of a place to get to highspeed Internet access. Tell your students hello for me!

  4. Pamela Grath

    Yea, Ellen! Yea, Ivy! Can’t wait to have you both in Northport!

  5. judy allison

    I got your book from an 11 year old that checked it out at the library , and I could NOT put it down! Needless to say he will have to check it out again. I absolutely loved your book, and can’t wait for the next book.

    New reader and FAN!

  6. Marsha

    But I wish you would write another book for old people! I loved S of S!

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