A U.P. Love Song

April 12th, 2017 — 4:41pm

En Route to the Dentist in an April Snowstorm

There is Hay For Sale
and Superior Gas
and you must Keep Right
Except to pass.

A Road Ends, a highway Junctions,
Janus peeks from the dark windows in the Berry Patch Restaurant,
saying Yes, We’re Open and Offered by Mackinac Real Estate.

A semi trailer kneels in weeds and mud,
crying faintly that it representsThe Fresh Approach.
The Next Two Miles are Maintained by Stephen King and Family.
Then there is a Safety Turnout.

There are
Clean Rooms, Hot Showers, Groceries, and Fishing Tackle.
Bigger Log Homes (Handcrafted),
Superior Tools,
and Used Books at Honest Injun’s Tourist Trap.

You are urged to consider
Wild Rice,
U.P. Jam,
Vegetables Grown Here, and
Any Type of Harvesting.

There is a Gold Mine (abandoned),
A Stuff Capital (empty),
and 10,000 Square Feet of Awesome Shopping at Treasure City, open 9 to 5

And, O, Travelers, look–
The Dreamland is ahead.
E-Z On-Off, a Great Place, and

On the roadside,
a bald eagle pecks through
melting snow and
brown grass.

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More in Praise of National Poetry Month: Pileated Poem

April 10th, 2017 — 7:15pm

I think it’s true that poetry is everywhere, as my writing friend over at You Think Too Much suggests. Today I found a haiku on my walk.

Binoculars trained.
Big woodpecker stays hidden.
Dead birch is laughing.

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