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The Writing Life

January 14th, 2020 — 3:16pm

or, Things You Might Not Suspect About Me.

I can spend a lot of time debating between ‘invective’ and ‘expletive.’

A lot of time.

Happily, doing so is my actual job right now.

(Wait for the upcoming novel to discover which I chose, or if both ended up on the cutting room floor.)

Which to use?

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Knocking Down Woodpiles

May 9th, 2013 — 7:35pm

A poet friend of mine, Mike Delp, always advised his students at Interlochen Arts Academy to knock down every woodpile they saw on campus.  (There are a lot of them, Mike said.)  Along with that, he told them to re-stack every knocked down pile.*

I like the circularity of that:  leave a penny, take a penny; that which is destroyed is built back up, and that which is built is destroyed.

Mike’s intent was to show his students one way to feed their creativity, a path to the muse, and I like that too.

Yesterday I moved this pile of lathe from here: 

to here:

I had a good writing morning today.

(I’m not moving the pile back, by the way.  But there are other piles.)

*Mike’s advice came to me via the North of 45 Writer’s Retreat held in Curtis, Michigan over the weekend, at Chamberlin’s Ole Forest Inn.  An awesome event:  I had FUN.

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