Fun Chicken Facts

1. The are more chickens alive on earth than people.

2. Chickens can run as fast as 9 mph.

3. A hen can lay up to 300 eggs per year.

4. A mother hen turns her egg fifty times a day to keep the yolk from sticking to the shell.

5. The largest chicken egg ever recorded measured 12.25 inches around.
6. The chicken is the closest living relative of Tyrannosauras rex.
7. Fear of chickens is called Alektorophobia.  (I was pretty leery of our chickens when I was growing up.)

Fun Coyote Facts

Coyotes have such good ears they can hear mice scurrying beneath the snow and can hear hunters coming from a mile away or more.

2. Coyotes can run as fast as 40 mph.

3. Coyotes are smart. They seem to know that ravens often hover near dead game, and will look for ravens in order to find food.  They’re also clever enough to trick other animals.  For example, one coyote might leap about crazily to distract a flock of birds while its partner sneaks in and seizes the birds’ meal.

4. Coyotes will eat almost anything:  insects, mice, rats, and fruit—including watermelon. 

5. The word ‘coyote’ comes from the Aztec word ‘coyotl.’

6. Coyotes are quite playful and like to play fight and wrestle with each other, probably to learn these skills for real life.

7. Coyotes mate for life.

8. Coyotes are very adaptable and live in all of North America except for the cold tundra.

Fun Author Facts

1. As a kid, I was afraid of our chickens and avoided them whenever possible!  

2. I started writing my first book in the fourth grade.  The main character was Lisa, and she had trouble making friends.  I was very upset when my dad teased me that it was autobiographical, which of course it was.  He should have known better though than to tease me, as I gave up working on the book.  I did dive into poetry next, and he was so proud of that—like, unable to speak, practically, he got so choked up about it—and didn’t tease, so my yearning to write was not squished.

Raising Chickens

Want to raise your own chickens?
Here are some resources to help get your started: