South of Superior
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Praise & reViews

"Ellen Airgood paints a portrait of a town and people living together on just enough—a community pulling together and apart during rough times. She writes of these downtrodden and hopeful characters beautifully, and her brilliant portrait of the plucky, resilient sisters is one you won't soon forget."
Matchbook Magazine

"It's the people of the place Airgood has created — characters with names like Emil, Arbutus and Mary Feather, strong-willed and hardy folks who can withstand brutal storms as well as small-town gossip; folks who are intensely private but who deep down consider their neighbors as family." —Teresa Budasi, Chicago Sun-Times

"Airgood is successful in creating an emotional novel about family and the strong ties that exist within a small, nearly isolated community."

"I was captivated by Ms. Airgood's setting and her characters, they're pitch perfect.  South of Superior is a wonderful debut novel; I couldn't get the story out of my mind even weeks after I put it down.  It was that haunting, that heartfelt.  Brava!" 
—Lesley Kagen, author of Whistling in the Dark

"Don’t you love it when every now and then you stumble onto just the right book for the particular kind of reading mood you’re in? South of Superior had me hooked after the first two pages when I realized it’s tone and subject were just exactly what I wanted at the moment."
You Think Too Much
"Ellen Airgood's debut novel presents an unsentimental but warm-hearted
view of life in an isolated Michigan town. Thrust into the dramas of its
quirky inhabitants, a Chicago woman discovers that happiness, hope and
love are possible even in a place where times can only go from tough to
tougher. Reminiscent of Richard Russo, South of Superior is an
engaging tale told with wit and charm
—Philip Caputo, author of Indian Country, The Voyage, and Acts of Faith

South of Superior is a charming story where hardships forge character, friendships endure for decades, and love unfolds in unusual ways. Most of all it is a celebration of the ever-surprising strengths of the human spirit.”
—Beth Hoffman, New York Times bestselling author of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt
A heartfelt ode to the simpler things in life. You’ll be delighted and embraced by the strong willed characters and the small town setting and when you’re finished you’ll want to go embrace the people in your own circle.”
—Tiffany Baker, author of The Little Giant of Aberdeen County
“Lyrical but straight-shooting, poignant yet uplifting (and pretty darn funny on more than one occasion), South of Superior carried me happily away with its absorbing story, its vivid setting, its vibrant, real-as-can-be characters, and held me fast till the very end.  The story stayed with me long afterward, as only the most wonderfully told tales do.”
—Jennifer Niven, author of Velva Jean Learns to Drive

“Once in a great while a debut novel lands on my desk that is of such insight and heart it makes me want to tell everyone I know, “You must read this novel!” The story of Madeline Stone’s journey is peculiarly American, brimming with lessons about compassion and community, tumult and courage, hardship and happiness, and South of Superior is not to be forgotten.”
—Connie May Fowler, author of Before Women Had Wings